Predetermined Poetry

I wonder where this one will lead me

I’ll keep writing then we’ll see

But could the subject be about you?

That’s where all my paths lead to.


Not that I’m complaining, not one bit

Quite frankly, in honesty I love it

I’m pleased to be writing once again

Sparked when I just think of your name.


Fingers poised above these keys

Pressing down I aim to please

Excited by what I might create

Which aspect shall I now relate?


Your eyes, your cheeks, your smile, your face?

Compare you to the endless bounty of space?

Or shall I keep it simple with all metaphors aside

Show you no similes behind which I could hide?


I’m falling head over heels and falling fast

Forgetting all the heart ache of my past

And nothing will ever stand in my way

From making you smile day after day.


© Kris Blackburn 13/06/08


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