Farmyard Politics

As the sun rose, a cow awoke and went for a stroll to find the perfect spot to pasture. Morning ablutions were underway.

“Good morning, horse” said the cow to the horse as it passed by the stable.

“Good morning, cow” replied the horse.

“Good morning, fowl” said the cow to the chickens as it passed the coop.

“Good morning, cow” replied the chickens.

“Good morning, porcine” said the cow to the pig as it passed the sty.

“Good morning, bovine” replied the pig.

The cow walked straight past the field where the sheep resided without saying a word, as they were enemies and did not care to speak to one another. That was the way of things, and not one animal was interested enough to rectify a rift that had no bearing on how their day panned out. And so it was, and so it will be, for all eternity, with no one knowing the reason why, and no one interested enough to investigate.


© Kris Blackburn 16/07/2015


5 thoughts on “Farmyard Politics

    1. It was inspired by that, and the comparisons are obvious. Sheep annoy me, and that was what I was conveying, as well as the link with sheep and politicians. So glad you liked it!

      1. Yes there is a link between sheep and politicians for sure! I did enjoy it! Keep up the great writing 🙂

      2. Thank you! I’m working over the next few days but I have a few drafts saved so hopefully I can squeeze one out!
        And likewise, keep them coming!

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