Willow Tree

He comes home with tired eyes,

Heavy heart and no surprise

With rain still pouring down outside

It’s from this world he wants to hide.


He hangs his coat high in the hall

And rests his head against the wall.

He drags himself up off to bed

To awake the thoughts within his head.


There’s someone he seeks to find

The girl who’s only within his mind

She is the girl to him it seems,

That she is the girl of his dreams.


As soon as his head hits the pillow

There he’s sitting ‘neath a willow

And there she stands across the stream

It seems no longer like a dream.


As they meet in warm embrace

Her tears of joy light on his face

This way they stay all through the night,

This way they stay until sunlight.


He stays in bliss ‘til morning breaks

And to harsh reality he awakes

Away she’s gone; away she hides

Leaves him with this pain inside.


It’s another day, another pointless morning

All the world seems to him so boring

Yet the day he faces with a smile

Silently suffering all the while.


It’s a Saturday, pointless, rainy day

Ignoring folk he goes his own way

Eventually resting ‘neath a willow tree

He cries tears no one can see.


With all his heart he wishes away

Wishes for a brighter Saturday

And his sad eyes above his nose,

Slowly, slowly, begin to close.


There he is ‘neath the willow tree

And across the stream there is she

There they meet and all is calm

As she rushes to his arms.


There they sit ‘neath the willow tree

Crying tears only they need see.

Into his heart her love he takes

And from this dream will he ne’er awake.


© Kris Blackburn 08/03/2005


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