The Curse of the Truth

Staring at life on earth forever, tomorrow is the day

We stand and sing our praises loud, praises to the way

The only way we ever knew the only one we know

Never thinking otherwise these disillusions grow.


The truth of man to shun the world be free of its grasp

Hold your head up high and strong, remain ever steadfast

Always believing that these times are growing shorter

Ever walking forwards like lambs to the slaughter.


Not to doubt another’s choice but to turn another’s head

Must convert the infidel to tunes of saviour bled

Must forever strive to reach what is not there

Must forever doomsday seek without a care.


Bring upon your own destruction, your own rack and ruin

Bring upon your own denial while we sense the trouble brewing

Teach compassion as you teach this deity of your own

Teach yourself to stay away and leave me well alone.


I know enough I’ve read it all and heard all of the stories

From the hypocrites who can honestly deny their allegories

And we have nothing to show, nothing to fix a stare

Except war, famine, poverty and a stench that fills the air.


I doubt the doubters only doubt that isn’t manifest

‘Twixt the problems hereupon the liars that insist

But where we feel as blind men do amongst the whole confusion

We find a land in belief it brings this sense of disillusion.


Not a prayer to have to come more true than a birthday wish

If only acceptance was agreed: we DID all come from fish.

If the truth is what we strive to find, questions we beseech

We can’t look further than this earth else we find the answers bleak.


I can’t believe I was designed and placed here where I am

The thought is so preposterous it sickens enlightened man

I have my own world and choose my own history to make

And let me do it peacefully, please, for heaven’s sake.


© Kris Blackburn 08/09/08


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