Requiem to a Useless Prayer

Upwelling, unnerving, uprising

Alerted to nothing surprising

No space, no breath, no recompense

No luck or time for penitence.


What should it mean I wonder on

A muse, seraph, mere halcyon?

Could what be near be what is far

Not light sliver but shining star?


A hooded figure trades me a map

Of land forgotten, for this or that

Sodom, Canaan, or hell on earth

The place I lived I was there birthed.


It is the same as ‘twas before

Salt pillar and a countless whore

Where is my God? Destroy this land!

Give me respite by your swift hand.


Vengeful, wrathful, hatefilled too?

Can you not do what’s asked of you?

Where is your God now, what help is there

Through lies and tears from promise fair?


Yet here is strength in fear of fail

Could one still stand and lo! prevail?

Hark your herald angels sing

Let them aid and give me wing.


What flight to take on wind anew?

What answer is remaining true?

Can you hear or pleading ignorance?

Only a prayer if I chance your dance.


A cry not heard but known by all

A setup leads to mighty fall

How can one fall hard from perch so low

Yet there’s nothing down below.


A desperate act, increasing measure

Mind so fragile, gold like treasure

Fingers grasping but probing not

Cannot be lost what had not been got.


I turn these pages of words you spoke

The dagger is under blackest cloak

A cover for the words you claim

To guide your men to sins refrain.


If you have spirit can I have that?

Or adventure, another map?

Or should I fade out of memory,

Fade away so there’s nothing to see?


I have naught to lose and less to give

I have a life but naught to live

So if you are there, if you can hear

Take from me this demonic fear.


It is my curse, my hooded figure

My stormy sky, my barren river

It is a pressure crushing my chest

A weapon destroying all of my best.


It is too late, there is no mercy

Lord, is this why you won’t hear me?

I am broken, weak, an empty shell

Am not who I was and I am in hell.


© Kris Blackburn 16/02/13


One thought on “Requiem to a Useless Prayer

  1. It is too late, there is no mercy
    Lord, is this why you won’t hear me?
    I am broken, weak, an empty shell
    Am not who I was and I am in hell.

    perfect. so perfect. once again you read my mind kriswasp. thanks for putting words to my thoughts. xo

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