I thought: “I’ll look out the window

And I’ll see what may be there.”

And there it was, a rainbow

Hanging perfectly in the air.


The next day you said you saw it too

But within seconds it disappeared

I said: “I put it in this box for you.”

But you said it was as you’d feared.


Well I was shocked by your negative reaction

And went and hid from your face for days

I told you we would not engage in interaction

Until you were understanding of my ways.


Well I’m still waiting for what seems like years

Sitting on my windowsill with the rainbow in my hand

Until I got from you, a box of your little tears

Attached there was a note written so grand:


“I hope you’re happy with your rainbow

Doing whatever it is that you do

And the time you’ve spent at your window

I’ve spent to find myself someone new.”


Well I immediately became filled with shame

And I couldn’t do anything but cry

So out of the box those little tears came

To put your rainbow back in the sky.


© Kris Blackburn 26/04/2003


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