Process to Page

In my mind there is a poem forming

Like a stormy sea all frothy, foaming

My fingers pull letters to make these words

Drawing them together like cattle in herds.


Creative juices flowing, typing a stanza

Word after word, poetic bonanza

Flowing indeed cause me not to drown

My river quenches this barren town.


Too long without stimulant, focus or muse

A ship you are on which I cruise

Sailing these seas inspiration searching

Like a stormy night thunderous, lurching.


The calm is here amidst the chaos

The land ahoy: cursed pathos

Fragment use consider revising

Words are flowing poetry surviving.


Swept away in alphabetical delight

Swimming in letters no respite

These days are mine and yours and ours

Talking about you with you for hours.


Chaotic crashing; ideas in my brain

From words you said or did refrain

Anything small or large from day to day

Everything we do everything we say.


Crashing, foaming; words on my shore

Splashing, forming, creating lore

My boat is rocking from the storm

It is this place that I call home.


© Kris Blackburn 20/06/08


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