Without a face or time redemption

Parhelion squeals at light perfection

A beauty ominous, silent, still

A beauty exists to its own will.


A natural dominant, prominent force

Nature screaming its own course

On its own so silent, underrated still

Beauty existing to its own will.


Imposter sun, imposter light

Still show beauty to my sight

Pertaining perfection skywards still

This beauty exists to its own will.


Only copied because they lack the rest

Of the one original and the best

And I’ve found that one after my waiting

Reveals to me loneliness sedating.


Dazzling array of colours of one’s revealing

Never going dull for constant gleaming

To the naked eye this light is often missed

I trained my eye for I could not resist.


The refraction of sunlight by cirrostratus ice crystal

Parhelion to my paraselene thou appear forth to all

As nature intends to exist by its own free will

Your beauty exists forever, intoxicating still.


© Kris Blackburn 13/06/08


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