Of Most Excellent Fancy

While the sun and moon exist each day

My heart beats these words I say

And never dulled by the passing time

I wish to feel your lips on mine.


From the tingle of our pressed lips

I place my hands upon your hips

And I touch your skin for minutes long

And taste the passion of your tongue.


Like a thirsty man by sought for pool

My craving strong, lasting, and rules

My heart, my mind, my life, my soul

And you are all of these; make me whole.


I desire togetherness our spirits embrace

And I only ever wish to see your face

Looking back lovingly at the sight of mine

When we awake in the morningtime.


My breakfast, my nourishment, you

Are all I think of when the birds that flew

And sang their songs of joy and love

Tunes falling from someplace up above.


My sustenance and support, the strength in my bones

Borne witness by the stars our thrusts and moans

Are weaved in tapestry the backdrop of forever

Set the scene holding hands, growing old together.


And you my love I know you best

As a woman filled with infinite jest,

I’ve borne on your back a thousand times or more

You of most excellent fancy ne’er to abhor.


© Kris Blackburn 14/08/2014


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