Come sail with me in my gravy boat

To the land where the dumplings grow

It’s the place where roast potatoes float

And has mashed potato for snow.


I love this place where peas abound

And carrots sing with glee

I’ll meet you here without a sound

Beneath the cucumber tree.


We’ll serenade woks and cutlery

And play with wooden furniture

We’ll frolic with pan handles in the sea

And call the others immature.


The sunlight finds a place to stay

Amongst the sharks and species

The cabbage remembers and will portray

Whilst eating the jigsaw pieces.


All the while you ate the roses

While I munched upon the lotus

The scent is pleasing to my noses

And I have a craving for a crocus.


So why won’t you hallucinate?

Why do I have to be here to see?

Is it me or are you too irate

To be belonging here with me?


© Kris Blackburn 18/02/08


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