Many a day has seen this light

Many a day turns into night

Flowers unfold to light of day

Flowers unfold though sky is grey.


On the cliffs overlooking the seas

I’m marking arrows upon the trees

To point me right back to the place

Where on my horizon I saw your face.


I look far towards the mountain range

The colours of the clouds seem so strange

As these minutes creep into hours

These seeds they slowly become flowers.


The dark clouds looming over here

Match the discourse of my tear

That formed and fell beneath my eye

Matching the rain from hallowed sky.


My hand it sinks beneath the earth

To plant these seeds promoting birth

These clouds they hide the sun from them

Yet desire to see its light again.


Closing my eyes I drift to sleep

The roots of flowers begin to creep

Through my skin and into my blood

Begins to turn my soul to mud.


The clouds are closing, choking me

Yet from my binds I can’t break free

These flowers shall have me as theirs forever

Although I will see them once more never.


I lie so still, enveloped, dead

Covered by gerbera toe to head

The storm begins, the rain it falls

My heart for her it softly calls.


Observe the flowers the way they run

Always yearning for the sun

Defiantly steadfast through the rain

But alas, that sun it never came.


© Kris Blackburn 20/12/09


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