Boy Meets Girl

The Boy meets Girl and the Girl meets Boy.

Says Boy to Girl: “I love you, Girl”

Says Girl to Boy: “I love you too”

But Boy thinks Girl cannot tell truth

And Girl thinks Boy is lying hard.

Says Girl to Boy: “Never stop saying

That you love me if you mean the words.”

“I won’t” says he, and that Boy

He never does.


The Boy and Girl they have issues

And they go their separate ways

And Boy loves Girl even more

Than Girl loves Boy even though

Girl has found New Boy now

And New Boy loves Girl

And Boy must accept yet Boy

Never stops saying the words.

He never does.


Years go past and every night

Boy recites the words as in prayer

To the stars and the moon

And even his pillow too

And Girl loves New Boy very much

But Girl she thinks of Boy a lot

And more with every day

She thinks: “Does he say the words?”

He always does.


“I love you Girl, I love you Girl.”

He speaks so to the walls and air

And even though she’s far away

Girl can hear when she listens hard

And her heart absorbs the noise,

The waves sent by Boy, her love,

And she knows she loves him still

That Boy who loves her too.

He always will.


And then they meet after years gone by

Boy says to Girl: “I still love you, Girl”

Girl says to Boy: “And I still love you too”

And so Girl and Boy and Boy and Girl

They talk through things they share

And Girl she has no New Boy now

And Boy tried and failed a New Girl too

As he loves Girl far, far too much.

He always has.


Boy says to Girl: “I need you back”

And Girl isn’t sure she wants him now

Right now, but she wants him sometime

And Boy doesn’t understand, it hurts

It seems to Boy that this is nonsense

He never stopped saying the words

The words that Girl asked him to always say

And he stuck true to his promised word.

He always will.


Boy writes to Girl and says these things

Yet she’s heard it all before

And Boy is sad because he is angry so

And Girl isn’t sure why Boy is angry so

And it is hard for him when all he wants

Is to love her the way that she deserves

The way she wants from him

And she wants him to say the words.

He always does.


So Girl it is now up to you

And only you can make Boy smile

You must end this tale of romance long

And decide what is in your heart.

Boy asked Girl to be his Girl

Girl told Boy that he must wait

And Boy will wait but Boy must know

Can Boy have his girl again?


© Kris Blackburn 21/08/14


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