Apologies to Theistic Thought

Instead of finding all this weird and excessive

You find it fantastic and impressive

Which I suppose can only mean good

Because I can’t stop, even if I should.


I don’t know what has come about

Neither whisper nor convincing shout

But it came from nowhere to startle me

And defines this moment of prolificacy.


I’m not sixes and sevens or am I all thumbs

My bread is not disappearing into crumbs

I let you float and flit and fly

And soar upwards into the sky.


My bird of paradise, my deepest delight

My sunrise to farewell the coldest night

Everyone can see you determinedly happy

To have you as mine is most complimentary.


No one could say or do anything to top this

Not even you, or your warm gentle kiss

Just being with you is all I could need

Being with you satiates my greed.


You’re my compliment, my gift from karma

Darwinian thought sensitively calmer

With knowledge comes the beauty from within

Climbing mount improbable, destiny breathing.


© Kris Blackburn 13/06/08


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