Story of Squirrels

It was autumn. The leaves had just begun to turn. However, for some reason, they had no intention of falling. The some reason of course, being unbeknownst to all humans save myself, and known to both trees and squirrels alike, is the subject matter of this explanatory passage of text. You see the squirrels, yes the squirrels you see, were to blame for this. For days upon weeks upon months upon hours had they plotted against the trees. Now you see, this was because the trees in their infinite wisdom had argued with the squirrels in past times and as a consequence refused to drop their respective nuts and acorns in aid for the squirrels to take them into storage.

This being the case, the squirrels burrowed into the trunks of the trees and clung dearly onto the leaf stalks. This was in the hope that if they could keep the leaves on the trees long enough for them to still be there in winter, and possibly spring, confusing humans and damaging the reputation of the trees.

All the squirrels however, were hungry, as their number one food source had been cut off, and this caused them great difficulty in grasping tight to the leaf stalk. The poor squirrels did pray that they would not perish. Winter came and coldness set in, frost lighting upon the branches of the trees. The trees of course, shivered, as they were extremely cold and chilly.

Shivering as they did, the squirrels were thrown from their places of hiding and hit the ground, bringing with them leaves en masse. Now the naughty squirrels did not have to worry about starvation, as many of them plummeted to their deaths, and the rest froze.

Take if you will, the silver lining from this particular cloud. Yes, many cute and fluffy squirrels perished that day, however the trees overcome their dirty enemies and enjoyed prosperous lives.


© Kris Blackburn 29/03/08


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