Story of a Bee

Once upon a merry old sunny day there lived a bee. This bee wasn’t particularly different from any other bees around at the time, neither had anything exciting ever happened to it nor had it any distinguishing features. The day this story was written was no different. Our protagonist bee awoke in the morning as was custom, and proceeded to go about its daily bee duties according correctly with the daily task list.

So the bee flew through the air with the greatest of ease, flitting across the current of the breeze to the tune of the singing birds, like a grain of sand trying to escape the coldest tundra. Our feature bee caught the intoxicating bouquet of pollen and nectar on the wind, and finding this pleasing, began the descent towards the scent in search of food.

And so our hero bee ate until its little hero belly was full; preceding many more numerous bee activities. The bee traditionally went through its days like this, punching its card, working the nine to five; uninspired, undesired and ultimately unfettered.

Day after day our humble bee played out this particular circadian rhythm until one fateful morning when a young Dalmatian pup swallowed it whole. It was a tragic and untimely end for our up until recently favourite bee. Unfortunately, the bee has now gone, passed into the netherworld ne’er to return.

And so concludes our tale. Godspeed bees of the world; make for us that sweet, sweet honey which we so crave and may karma shine more favourably upon you than that of the feature bee.


© Kris Blackburn 9/11/07


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