Random Faerie Tale

Once upon a day in May, it was made common knowledge that someone had passed through hearsay referencing the rumour of the existence of a mushroom shaped like a piano somewhere in the world. Of this piano it was rumoured that goblins and other spritely creatures of forest and woodland folklore gathered for an evening of cabaret and music hall style variety entertainment. Apparently the most famous of these was Quaere Faerie’s rendition of Burlington Bertie from Bow. This idea seemed ridiculous to all who heard it, even to a local crazy woman who ceased her inane warbling for a moment in order to snort with contempt at the notion. This lady was indeed one of the crazy, for she promoted the use of camembert as a sandwich filling, little realising that bread is not waterproof.

Even though this crazy lady woman rejected the idea and displayed proudly her disgust, I still held a sceptical, romantic ideal pertaining to the validity of this claim. Therefore I was determined to seek out the truth.

Unfortunately, after much scouring of Wikipedia and various Encyclopaedias, and even first-hand eye-witness testimonies, I could not find the answers to the question I had foolishly undertaken. Not only this, but no publisher was willing to promote this pseudo-advertisement as a work of non-fiction

From the date below to the date now, in the form you find it, this written piece remains thus, serving no other purpose than to possibly distract you from your circadian rhythm and suck you into its twisted game of pointless fact or fiction. What is truth and what is folly is an argument to which we may never come across a dénouement.

© Kris Blackburn 18/02/08


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