Georgina Tuna

Georgina Tuna was an unfortunate soul. She was the only person ever to born scarlet in hue. This, coupled with the fact that her surname was Tuna caused no end of hilarity from her peers, which understandably caused bouts of depression on Georgina’s part. She obviously wanted to put straight all that was done to her, but there was nobody who could do anything. As a last resort she decided to consult a seer, so called because he could see the future.

Georgina asked him: “Kind sir, could you please help me with this terrible affliction?” the seer replied:

“I am not sure Miss Tuna for I am a seer of the future, not a mender of. The signs however, are positive. Please see my friend, Scott Noodle, for he is an enchanter of sorts. But be warned, for he is not what he seems…” with that he settled down to consume his bowl of chicken and vegetable soup with two slices of buttered bread. Obviously he ate the soup with a spoon I meant he had two slices of buttered bread by the side of his bowl, which he would use for dipping into his luncheon. For it was around lunch-time you see.

Georgina travelled for about half an hour upon the relevant bus, which went to almost the place where Scott Noodle resided. It wasn’t a very eye-pleasing place to live I can safely state, but that isn’t very relevant to the continuation of events. Georgina knocked upon the door. After exactly two moments a man of sorts, orange in hue answered the door. Georgina was startled, albeit amazed that she had met someone with her affliction, a different colour granted, but the same affliction none the less.

Scott Noodle immediately fell instantly in love, like she had enchanted him.

“You have enchanted me Georgina Tuna” he softly spoke.

“How did you know my name?” she gasped in awe, knowing full well that he was an enchanter.

“My friend, the seer telephoned me a moment ago” he answered.

“Oh…he said he would” she said feeling a strange emotion wash over her “anyway Scott, I think I love you. You have enchanted me also.”

“I know” Scott said, a small smile forming over his face “for I am an enchanter. I enchant, therefore I am. Would you like to be wed in the morrow? The seer told me this would happen and so I booked the wedding for the morning after this day.”

Georgina Tuna was so wrapped up in the whole moment, especially finding someone like herself, that she agreed. Also she was under his spell, which wasn’t necessary to be placed on her because she was about to fall in love with him anyway.

So they were wed, man and wife they became and they lived happily ever after in a windmill upon a hill behind the small village next to the large bush. Their lives grew old together and were always happy with everything they both did. What a pleasant story and it has a nice happy ending for everyone to be satisfied with.


© Kris Blackburn 11/03/04


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