When I close my eyes I see nothing Except your face. When I fall asleep I dream of nothing Except who you are. When I wake again There is nothing Except memories of you. ©️ Kris Blackburn 8/11/18 Advertisements

A Lesson

If I quip ‘quick kisses?’ Would you say ‘they’re Kris’s’? That’s me! With joy and A grin, I’m buoyant I can’t stop smiling and These feels keep piling Oh my heart is spinning It’s my heart you’re winning Every time I see you calling I’ve fallen, I am falling Into like, I’m smitten The ‘love… Read More A Lesson


There are words Written Sent Opened Read These are words Messages Shared Between us And sometimes others But yours The ones you send to me Are the ones I want to read the most. © Kris Blackburn 10/10/2017